Repair work not covered

External features

  • Ancillary buildings and structures such as boundary walls, gravestones and graveyard monuments, retaining walls, gates, gardens, lychgates or car parks
  • External railings
  • Internal railings that are not part of the fabric of the building
  • Paving
  • Tree removal

General building work

  • General cleaning
  • Local authority charges
  • Maintenance plans
  • Materials alone
  • Storage of items

Internal features

  • Areas of the building used for accommodation
  • Audio-visual systems or components of systems
  • Cupboards that are not specially-supplied as part of a fitted kitchen or form an integrated kitchen facility which will remain permanently in position
  • Detachable floor coverings, carpets, vinyl, and removable tiles
  • Decorative soft furnishings
  • Fixtures, fittings or decoration for commercial tenants
  • Free-standing or fixed/detachable altars
  • Free-standing or fixed/detachable fonts
  • Free-standing or fixed/detachable monuments
  • Moveable piece of furniture
  • Notice boards
  • Removable kitchen elements such as white goods, dishwashers, kettles and urns
  • Shelving
  • Showers and baths not installed to support facilities for homeless, social and welfare purposes

Professional fees

  • Accountancy services
  • Diocesan faculty charges
  • Quinquennial Inspections (including any costs associated with undertaking the inspection itself)
  • Fundraising fees
  • Legal fees
  • Local authority fees